The Poles come out in strong support for a man who helped protect teen from gang attack

Not from now, but since many ages have the Poles, one of the most astonishingly cultural and brightly brave European communities been at the loggerheads with acerbic challenges.

When not the Holocaust, then other attacks and anxieties in fending off territorial expansion attempts by other colonies in Europe- Poland has seen more than it snows in Russia.

Even now, the courage and chivalry extended by an average Polish person is more than what you’d commonly expect from any other culture in the whole of Europe- it could be argued. So, it always feels nice when a similar attitude, characteristic or generosity of spirit flows in your direction with which you paint this beautiful world.

Confused? Watch out this latest bit of news: recently an entire Polish community came together to take care of and extend respect to an Indian, Amo Singh, who helped a young Polish teenager and his girlfriend were rounded up by a series of vehement attackers in Gloucestershire, in England.

As Amo and his wife saw the ensuing drama from the CCTV cameras of their shop, they saw the young teen being beaten by crowbars. He helped divert the attention of the cruel assailants toward him but had to bear the brunt of excessive attacks. Even as the young Pole teen was saved, the Indian suffered a series of injuries.

But when the news reached the Polish community and especially those related to the youngster who had just been saved, they went online on GoFundMe and launched a campaign to generate funds to address Amo Singh’s depleting health. He’s stabler now and the respect coming his way has simply been phenomenal. Well deserved. As they say, chivalry ain’t dead.

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