Tears of compassion: Rio Ferdinand’s heart-warming documentary about the grief of losing his wife has spurred emotions among fans

He is considered one of the greatest and most admired of all English footballers. He’s a legend of the game and an athlete formed on pure courage and devastating fitness.

And guess what? He’s also an iron man. Nor just because his amazing physicality can allow him to scale mountainous peaks. Rather, for he can show an emotion like a man. And not duck under cover whilst hiding them.

Rio Ferdinand is might be England’s pride but a true hero for the world. And the footballer’s amazing documentary movie about his wife’s passing and the grief it brought everyone around him has found warmth, engagement and solace amidst his fans.

The loss of a family member, lest it is a wife, can be soul-crushing. It’s like losing out a part of you. For Ferdinand, Rebecca was everything. His better half- the world onto himself.

But most have only an emotional tunnel to which they succumb in the aftermath of an emotional disaster. For Rio Ferdinand, immersing in a creative process that got him through a tough time was the answer.

BBC One’s documentary, ‘For Mum and Dad’ that explores Rio’s grief touched a chord so mightily amidst fans, feelers, thinkers, lovers, believers and the eternal optimists that it almost united the world through the chain of pure human emotion- undiluted and its raw, edgy form. You must make time for it.

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