Surprise, surprise! The incredible news for youngsters in Brussels has got the world talking!

For most of us, turning 18 in life is sort of a life-changing event. Simply because in another year and more, we get out of the wonderful, casual and jovial teenage years. It And that a sign of stepping closer to adulthood and maturity can be one of the serious signs of turning 18.



But in another part of the world, absorbingly beautiful for its rich history, medieval relics, architecture and even booze and Jean Claude Van Damme, things are brightly beautiful and optimistic for those who are to turn 18.



Yes, we are talking about Belgium’s capital city Brussels. There are more reasons for teenagers turning 18 to be happy there than we may be knowing of. It turns out that the Belgian Government is in the process of deciding to gift every Belgian teenager, at turning 18, a fully paid-for holiday worth $450. Granting an absolutely free ‘all expense paid’ $450 Interrail train pass to all 18 year old youngsters, the Belgian Government in discussion with the European Parliament is slated to make this grant legal. The all paid for vacation, once it comes into play, will be valid anywhere but within the European continent.



This may be an adventure of a lifetime for Belgian 18 years old’s after all. After all, the reason for giving such an expansive and brilliant holiday to Belgian youngsters is not just moving but valuable, after all.



For the purpose of bringing more cultural interaction and proximity among European youth, this is supposed to be a truly brilliant move by the European parliament that wants the youth of Europe to enjoy more camaraderie and interaction.

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