Some utterly surprising facts about Canada that you will be fascinated to know

Some call it an enigmatic country. Others call it a marvel with vastly abundant geographical delights. There’s snow, there’s plenty of fishing, there is off course the great Niagara Falls and now, the enigmatic Justin Trudeau, the good looking Prime Minister.



It seems, there’s always a bright side up in Canada, which seems to be one of the happiest and most progressive nations here on Earth. But while there is no doubt about the naturally abundant beauty of Canada and its awe-inspiring landscape, what are the other interesting facets to this country and what are some really uncanny facts about the ‘Maple Leaf’ Nation:

1. Time Zones



There are not 1 or 2 but 6 different time zones in Canada. And interestingly, the country spans up to 9984 670’s in it’s total stretch.

2. The longest street in the world



Yeah, it isn’t in United States, not in Britain and certainly not anywhere in Asia. The longest street in the world is here in Canada. The Yonge street, starts from Lake Ontario and runs North through Ontario to the Minnesota Border, covering an incredible distance of almost 2000 kilometers.

3. Canada has got yet another ‘longest’ record



There are a number of countries in the world that bear some of the longest coast-lines in the world, such as Russia, Indonesia, Greenland, Philippines, Japan and others. But Canada beats all of them when it comes to having the longest coastline in the entire world with a coastline of around 202,080 km’s.

4. Winnie-the-Pooh technically belongs to Canada



Did you know this one? Perhaps not, just like us. Back in 1915, a bear cub named Winnipeg was exported to the London Zoo from Canada. And legend has it that a young boy, Christopher Robin Milne, was so much in love with the bear that he would go often to the zoo to meet his ‘friend’. This inspired Christopher’s dad, A.A. Milne to pen down a series of stories about a fictional bear and his adventures, which eventually became Winnie-the-Pooh as we know it.

5. The ‘smartphone’ nation Canada



Among the most used and frequently talked about gadget, the Blackberry was originally developed in Ontario, Canada at Research in Motion’s (RIM) Waterloo offices.

6. World’s Largest coin: yet another largest record for Canada



The world’s largest coin happens to be ‘The Big Nickel’ in Sudbury, Ontario. It is in fact a huge reproduction of a 1951 Canadian Nickel and measures as big as nine diameters.

7. Canada Hollywood and Politics



One already knows well that star actor Jim Carrey is a Canadian and that one of the most iconic and loved actor’s Keanu Reeves migrated to Hollywood from Canada where he grew up before his formative years in Hollywood. But did you know that Leslie Jones happens to be a Canadian too and that her brother was the Deputy Prime Minister of Canada for 2 years, 1984-86?

8. Who actually coined the term Beatlemania?



They were a sensation when they went live, and during the 60s and and the years that followed , they were at the peak of their form. They was no stopping or shunning down the cult of the Beatles. In fact so popular was their mass appeal in the world and not just in England, that it led to the framing of a term ‘Beatlemania’. But truth be told, it was a Canadian journalist Sandy Gardiner, who coined the term in the 60s, while he was writing a story about the famous Briton band.

9. Even insects love Canada



Yeah. That’s what it seems to be with Canada being home to 55000 different species of insects.

10. The city of saints?



There are different and equally charming parallel worlds that exist in Canada. No, we aren’t referring to the world of paranormal but of Canada being a wonderful melange of quaint and old-fashioned vibe in the structure of 21st century’s modernity and fast paced world. At a time when most of the world continues to be stifled by violence and regional conflicts, it is wonderful to note that the city of Montreal, home to many churches, is nicknamed the ‘City of Saints’. Incredible, isn’t it?

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