For Sabrina Terence, the world’s a blank canvass which she paints with marvellous creativity each day

Sabrina Terence! A bit of a dreamy-eyed beauty. A bit of an emboldened achiever. A sassy sultress. But, above all- a really nice-hearted versatile record-breaking individual.

Ich Leibe Sabrina! How can you not love her? In an age where talent is constantly getting morphed all thanks to people’s cheap gimmicks to hog the limelight, Sabrina’s art and uniqueness are taking her everywhere.

She’s not just a DJ- but someone whose dexterity of the fingers spins globe-trotting parties into an ebb of peaceful abandonment.

She’s not just a good looking woman- but a charmer who’s gifted with a very model like personality. She’s not taken in by fashion mags. They are besotted with her appealing looks and swagger.

Just when you are about to rest on the plough of Sabrina Terence’s exceptional twin talents- you realise that she’s one heck of a painter as well. Okay, wow! Can you even fly a space shuttle, ma’am? Maybe not! But, mind you, the German’s artwork has a footprint in the space as well.

Serenity, one of the finely crafted epic artworks (a painting of a tranquil looking woman, besotted with peace) was spent about 65-kilometers above into space. In case you are wondering the height of Sabrina’s milestone talent- then perhaps it won’t be incorrect to state that it reached about an approximate distance of 200,000 feet, into the skies. That’s, Sabrina in a nutshell for you. With so much of work under her belt. And, so much more to come!

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