Alaska Airlines becomes world’s first commercial carrier using forest fuel

In a major news developing in the USA, it is reported that Alaska Airlines has become the world’s first ever commercial airliner to be using fuel from the forests.



Isn’t that brilliant? Earlier known as McGee Airlines and in operation for the most part of 8 decades, Alaska Airlines, now into the 84th year of its operation, has done the unprecedented.



Using world’s first renewable, alternative airline jet fuel made from forest residuals- Alaska Airlines has flown on a ‘higher path’ it must be said. Fact is, that post harvesting of managed forests, a lot of branches and limbs of the trees lie remaining unused.



Alaska Airlines used that to good effect, by creating renewable fuel out of the tree-left over and taking a hitherto less known path in aviation industry. It has been estimated that if Alaska Airlines were to replace just 20 per cent of its entire fuel supply at the Sea-Tac airport with this new biofuel, then it would have reduced greenhouse gas emissions by up to 142,000 metric tons of CO2. Stats gurus suggest that this figure is equivalent to taking 30,000 vehicles off the road for an entire year!



Wouldn’t that be brilliant for everyone in the USA if this process were to be repeated time and again? And importantly, imagine the impact that would have on the environment in the rest of the world had this feat were to be duplicated! Now that Alaska Airlines has shown the way, it is for others to replicate the massively important move!

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