Ohio bus driver spotted a woman standing at the far edge of a bridge, contemplating suicide. He stopped over and a new life began

There are moments in our lives where living becomes just a very difficult ask. When life takes precedence over the negative and the ills, things seem fine.

But when negativity envelops our existence, alleviating happiness, our existence is simply fraught with danger. And with pain, sadness and loss of hope.

For most people then, suicide is the inevitable option.

That said, stupid and ill informed are those who label those contemplating suicide or committing it as ‘cowards’. Maybe moron is a better term. But surely not coward. It takes something out of you to end life, the very of materiality, the very enervating hold to the physical and tangible clutches that keeps you glued here on earth.

While at the same time, it won’t help labelling those who battle depression and suicidal anxieties as having given up completely on life. Hope always floats around. Gently. And can be found amidst us when we least expect it.

The same happened to a mid-aged lady in the heart of Ohio, in USA. When she was spotted right in the middle of the Main Street Bridge, that runs across the Great Miami River by a bus driver, her life took a different turn.

The bus driver, a very honest, pious and pure human being, Damone Hudson intervened right at the adjunct of what could’ve been the end of life for the woman. He quickly stopped the bus, got down and shouted, ‘Ma’am, it looks like you’re having a bad day. Could I help’.

He gave her a hug and actually talked her out of committing suicide. That was that. A life was saved. In a way, a new one was born. Hope restored its presence over the malaise of losing out. Fear died that day. What an inspirational story. What a man indeed.

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